We Are Your Host G & Roxy


Here is a little about us. We were introduced into the lifestyle November of 2014. It was G's birthday weekend! We were both interested in having a threesome with another woman. Roxy decided to surprise the birthday boy, and join their first swingers event. We loved it and had so much fun with the other women, men, and couples! 7 months after our first, and only experience, we decided to throw our own event in our town home. We had everything set up, did a little advertising, and no one showed up! We started to give up on it, until we saw an ad about a swinger party being thrown, by the same host we had our first experience with. It was at a low budget motel, so we decided to pay him a visit, and offer our home to him for parties. He accepted. Having the hands on experience bringing his crowd into our home, opened up a lot of possibilities. We hosted together with him for a couple of months, until we split ways. We decided to start our own parties and figure out other ways to get us out into the swinger scene. Now here we are  throwing the best swinger parties in the Southbay!!!